My name is Constantino and I'm Torajan , I live inwestern part of Toraja.
I'm Working in Tourism busines for over 15 years with basic school for Tourism and continue to University for 04 Years. I start work for tourism when I was in Hihg School and continued as tour guide while studied in University.

My parent's are from Toraja and for Toraja culture we was practiced in Our daily life since a baby, where My parent's always take me any where to attend any Local activity at that time, and till today still part of My life.

Visit Toraja with Local Tour guide will be very helpful for Visitor and local people, where visitor was help to established our job and help us to LOVE and protect Our Culture and Traditions. Also visitor will know more about Our culture, Life style, Local language and many others compare when using Tour Guide from other tribes or islands.

Toraja is really has a unique culture with animism believe, where in Our daily life always basic on our Local tradition with thousands of PEMALI ( forbidden ) .and just known from generation to generations.

With the very complex Tradition than will be really difficult to have a tour guide from outside or from other tribes even we are on the same island but not Torajan will be difficult to know indeed.


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  • An Experience Like No Other Review of Toraja Tour Guide Reviewed March 8, 2018 My wife and I travelled to Tana Toraja not really knowing what to expect and ended up having a truly unique experience with Konstantin and his staff. Everything went without a hitch, from being picked up at Makassar airport and driven by Marcus for the 10 hour journey to Rantepao to having the hotel arranged, trips and excursions organised and restaurants recommended. We attended a ceremonial funeral where we witnessed the slaughter of water buffalo, saw cave graves, hiked through amazingly beautiful and pictureque landscapes and were invited into people's homes to see for ourselves how local families care for the bodies of their deceased family members, sometimes for many years, while they await their final burial. We spent afternoons and mornings in local livestock and fresh produce markets and felt as far away from the first world as we could possibly hope for. One night our driver invited us to his house and we sat on the roof eating water buffalo steak and drinking palm wine with our host and his fellow drivers whilst they jokingly ridiculed my selection of background music culled from my iphone and fed through their enormous PA system. You can't plan for these type of experiences and are left humbled by the generosity of spirit and willingness to share what they have. None of this would have been possible without the foresight, planning and overview of Konstantin. He seemed to know everyone in the...More Date of experience: December 2017
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Buntu Burake

Buntu Burake located in Makale on the Hill of Burake, it's the tallest Jesus effigy in the world, the view from the hill is very impresive where you can see all Toraja with rounded by mountain sorrounding and rice field terraces.

Buntu Burake also use for Religy Tour

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Toraja Trekking

we also arrange the Toraja trekking or other part of sulawesi with camping tent, where You will feel the free atmosphere in mountain or rain forest. will be always depend of Your choice of our trails.

Camping trekking also will be enjoyed with music during the night, and You are able sing a song together with our local team work. Local Tour guide  will let you in the remote area with experienced and knowledge of our own area. where We know our area most compare othere people from outside

Trekking in toraja can be choose from easy, moderate or hard trekking. Mountain Climbing also will be more special, trekking in the rice field, trekking in forest will be a special experience.